Growing Healthy Specimen Plants & Trees

Finding and growing a premium plant or tree takes experience. Jon Mathews boasts more than 30 years of experience in growing and production. As a landscape professional, Jon found it more and more difficult to source top quality plant material for his clients over the years so he made the decision to create his own 150 acre growing operation in South Houston.

Select Plant & Tree Material

We now have 80 acres in production growing specimen plants and trees that we sell to industry professionals and home owners. We offer plants and trees in all sizes, from 4″ color to 100 gallon trees.

Easy to Handle, Container Grown Plants & Trees

All of our plants and trees are container grown. Container grown plants and trees are easy to handle, transport, and are able to adapt more quickly to the location in which they are planted. You won’t find material like ours at “big box” garden centers.