Planting a tree Shades of Texas style.

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Planting a tree is much more than just digging a hole and dropping it in if you want the tree to thrive and grow. It requires creating a hole that easily accommodates the tree at the correct depth and width. Then we add our custom blended composted soil mix and several other additives that create the best possible growing environment for the roots of the tree. Hydrosave, Supercal, Diehard transplant, Denny’s Best Fertilizer, and other time released fertilizer will supplement the nutrients missing from often depleted soil as well as they change the chemistry and break up the gumbo style soil that is found in our area. Then the tree maybe staked to provide stability until it becomes well rooted. We know a tree is an investment and will provide decades of beauty for the landscape. Our goal is to provide the best environment possible to promote the success and growth of each tree that we plant.